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Online Casinos for Russians

Online Casinos for Russians

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Online Casinos for Russians

Russia Online Casinos

gambling-in-russia-image1When it comes to gambling, there are some countries in the world that have a completely negative stance towards it. These countries consider it a dangerous habit, which could harm their citizens, regardless of how good it could be for the revenue. Other countries, even though with negative attitudes towards it, allow it at least to a certain point. Russia is one such country.

Gambling in Russia…

…is allowed in several specific zones, but that’s it. This means that the country is allowing gambling to a certain limit and wants to have the last say when it comes to who can gamble and who cannot within its borders. To get to this point, the country has, however, been through a lot, and the laws on gambling continue changing.

Legal Gambling in Russia

The only zones…

…with legal gambling in Russia previously were Krasnodar Territory, Kaliningrad, Altai Territory and Primorye Territory, but then Sochi and Crimeajoined the team. This means that if you’re Russian and you’d like to gamble in your country, these are the only zones you can do that legally. Anyone who gambles outside of the zones is significantly fined.

Russia is not tolerant when it comes to illegal gambling. Illegal establishments, within or outside the zones, are closed right away and their operators punished with fines or prison time. Players are also not treated lightly, so no matter what, make sure to gamble in land-based casinos which have been allowed by the country, and within the legal gambling zones.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Russia?

When it comes to online gambling…

…you may have assumed it, but let’s put it out in the open. Online gambling is completely illegal in Russia. It always has been and from the looks of it, it always will be. The country keeps a close eye on illegal online gambling operations and tries to control the situation the best way it can.

After noticing that illegal offshore operators were targeting its market, Russia implemented some new bans and laws. In fact, in 2006, it prohibited interactive gambling for good. The next year, it enacted the Federal Law on State Regulation of Activities in the Organization and Conduct of Gambling law. The law that banned all forms of gambling within the borders was introduced two years later.

A fine between 500 and 2,000 Russian rubles…

…was imposed on all players who would join online gambling sites in 2010, which was proposed in a bill and signed by the then-president Dmitry Medvedev. A blacklist of over 600 gambling domains targeting the country was created, forcing other operators who weren’t on the list to withdraw their operations on the market effective immediately. Even William Hills did, reporting that the exit was due to the complex regulatory environment on the market.

Cryptocurrencies were prohibited, too…

…with a bill by the Ministry of Finance, alleging that it Bitcoin was used for illegal activities, including illegal gambling. In 2015, the re-elected President Vladimir Putin further restricted all activates related to online gambling. The first order of business was forbidding Russian banks from processing online gambling transactions, and imposing harsher punishments for operators and players found to be participating in illegal online gambling, with up to four years of prison.

In 2017…

…banks were even required to block payments to and from online gambling sites. The situation was so serious that the government in 2019 considered a new blacklist of financial institutions and banks that continued processing such payments, as requested by the President personally and executed by the Ministry of Finance.

Top 4 Russian Federation Casino Sites


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